The most trusted open software for mobile wireless networks.

We’re unique in making our 4G & 5G UE & RAN source code available for fine-grained commercial customisation.

Our licensing model supports the full pathway from initial R&D exploration, through rapid prototyping to robust production network deployments.

We have developed our own UE and RAN solutions from the ground up for both 4G and 5G.

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Benefits of Choosing SRS

Transparent Code in a communications system

Transparent Code

Software is not more trustworthy simply by virtue of being open. However, software which is open can be openly tested and audited by anyone. Our open software is used around the world. Greater scrutiny, feedback and continuous improvement increases the trustworthiness of our software.

Customisable and understandable code


Well-written open software transforms the efficiency of engineering teams. Open software removes friction and barriers to innovation by allowing everyone to look under the hood. This means our customers can move faster to develop and launch innovative products and services.

Performant on on x86, ARM and FPGA SoCs


However you compose your hardware, we have a high-performance software solution which runs on it. By providing complete applications for both UE and RAN, we have ownership of the entire system performance for the air interface of your network.

Portable code across multiple platforms


Our software is written in C/C++ with hardware-specific SIMD optimizations for platforms including x86, ARM and PowerPC. Our FPGA SoC solutions reuse the same portable C/C++ codebase on the processing system, adding high-performance DSP chains on the programmable logic to boost performance.

Transparent Code in a communications system

Licensing Pathway

Whether you’re carrying out early stage R&D, product prototyping or large scale deployment, our flexible licensing options will meet your needs at every stage of the journey. Our srsRAN project allows anyone to get started while our commercial source-code licenses support development and delivery of commercial products and services.

Unparalleled SDR expertise and experience.


At SRS, we have developed our own UE and RAN solutions from the ground up for both 4G and 5G. This gives us an unmatched level of insight into the complete mobile wireless network as well as the best tools to rapidly analyse, diagnose and address performance issues in any part of the network.


Our software provides levels of robustness and stability required for commercial deployments. We achieve this reliability through exhaustive testing of our solutions at every stage of development and at every level from in-code unit-tests to end-to-end system testing, code analysis testing and conformance testing.

Test and Measurement for network analaysis

Test & Measurement

Our software suite contains every building block needed to construct any 4G/5G wireless application you can imagine. We exploit this to build our own instruments and test harnesses to isolate any network element for analysis.

SRS Products, Services & Technology


Comprehensive suite of 4G and 5G software products.

The SRS UE is a full-stack software radio User Equipment (UE) solution for 4G LTE and 5G NR. Implemented in efficient and portable C/C++, this UE supports a wide range of baseband hardware platforms including x86, ARM and PowerPC.

Our SRS ENB is a full-stack software radio eNodeB solution for 4G LTE and 5G NR Non-Standalone (NSA) networks. Portable across x86, ARM and PowerPC platforms, the embedded ENB solution also supports the NXP families of Qoriq and Layerscape communication processors.

The SRS GNB is a full-stack software radio gNodeB solution for 5G NR Standalone (SA).

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SRS is the perfect technical partner with the tools and expertise to accelerate your development roadmap and ensure success.

Whether you’re engaged in early-stage R&D, proof-of-concept prototyping or large-scale deployment and maintenance, we have the experience and technical insights to help.

Our SDR software suite provides the technical building blocks you need and our flexible licensing options provide the scope to meet your requirements and budget throughout the entire development lifecycle.

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Software radio lies at the intersection of the key domains of telecommunications, software engineering and signal processing.

Our software radio approach allows us to build reliable, performant solutions faster with a smaller team. We bring this advantage to our partners and clients, helping them to more efficiently develop and launch innovative products and services.

Our team brings experience and expertise in signal processing development across multiple baseband processing architectures including x86, ARM, PowerPC, FPGA and DSPs. With broad experience across the full range of available RF front-end architectures, we can optimize system performance on any end-to-end SDR hardware solution.

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