How We Are Different

As an organically-grown employee-owned company, SRS has had the freedom to do things a little differently. By doing things differently, we generate a lot more value for our partners and clients.

One way we do things differently is by making our software publicly available for anyone to view, download, modify and use. If you’re building a product or service, we provide commercial source-code licenses along with world-class expertise to ensure your success.

We take a comprehensive approach, providing complete network applications for both UE and RAN sides of the wireless network and our software provides production-grade reliability with optimized performance across a wide range of hardware architectures.

Technology - How We Are Different


Well-written open software transforms the efficiency of engineering teams. Open software removes friction and barriers to innovation by allowing everyone to look under the hood. Our software is written to be read, understood and augmented. This means our customers can move faster to develop and launch innovative products and services.

Trust is a key issue in communications systems today. Software is not more trustworthy simply by virtue of being open. However, software which is open can be openly tested and audited by anyone. Our open software is used in commercial and government R&D institutions and companies around the world. Greater scrutiny, feedback and continuous improvement increases the trustworthiness of our software.

Open software is a force multiplier that enables a successful ecosystem. It does this by making knowledge accessible and by supporting permissionless innovation. The 3GPP specifications for mobile wireless technology are publicly available but there is a world of difference between reading a specification on its own and seeing it embodied in software which you can run, adapt and experiment with.

Technology - How We Are Different


Our software is used in production networks, providing the levels of robustness and stability required for commercial deployments. We achieve this reliability through exhaustive testing of our solutions at every stage of development and at every level from in-code unit-tests to end-to-end system testing, code analysis testing and conformance testing. As an example, we have built our own 3GPP UE conformance testing framework leveraging ETSI’s 3GPP UE conformance test suites and we provide it as standard within our software suite.

We’ve optimized the performance of our software on multiple architectures including x86, ARM and FPGA SoCs. This means that however you compose your hardware, we have a high-performance software solution which runs on it. By providing complete applications for both UE and RAN, we have ownership of the entire system performance for the air interface of your network.

We are experts at customizing our software and adapting it to demanding network scenarios and hardware requirements. Beyond this, our software is written specifically to enable others to do the same. This can be seen in the depth and breadth of the solutions built using SRS software and documented in over 200 peer-reviewed publications since 2015. It’s also reflected in the achievements of our commercial licensees, using SRS software to build their own innovative products and services.

Technology - How We Are Different


At SRS, we have developed our own UE and RAN solutions from the ground up for both 4G and 5G. This gives us an unmatched level of insight into the complete mobile wireless network as well as the best tools to rapidly analyse, diagnose and address performance issues in any part of the network.

We develop both sides of the network air interface, both UE and RAN. We develop full network applications, from raw baseband I/Q signals to IP data and everything in between. Consequently, we’re uniquely positioned to build specialist end-to-end networks that leverage 3GPP technologies. As well as standard terrestrial networks, we’ve developed systems for scenarios from underground to satellite and everything in between.

Our software suite contains every building block needed to construct any 4G or 5G wireless application you can imagine. Having every building block at our fingertips means we can quickly and easily build our own instruments and test harnesses to isolate any network element for analysis. We use these building blocks to develop in-house solutions like AirScope, our passive over-the-air sniffer for cellular networks. Our partners use them to build everything from network verification tools to rogue basestation detectors.

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