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SRS software deployed by SmartSky Networks for air-to-ground (ATG) network

SRS software deployed by SmartSky Networks for air-to-ground network

November 18, 2021
Tim Forde
Software Radio Systems Limited (SRS) announced today that SmartSky Networks has selected the SRS customizable RAN solution for its next-generation air-to-ground (ATG) network deployment. SRS has supplied the high-performance embedded protocol stack and successfully integrated with a third-party PHY partner solution via FAPI interface. Running on the SmartSky ground network, the solution provides very low latency, high-throughput broadband connectivity to aircraft and supports the operational needs of the aircraft, passengers, and crew.  ATG deployment scenarios are among the most challenging...

srsRAN 21.10 Release Announcement

October 29, 2021
Tim Forde
SRS is delighted to announce that our latest public release, srsRAN 21.10, is available from today. This release sees the addition of 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) functionality to our eNB stack, complementing the 5G NSA UE application we released last April with 21.04. 5G NSA mode builds upon existing 4G infrastructure with the addition of a secondary NR (5G) carrier for high-rate data traffic. The 5G NR PHY introduces significant flexibility as well as LDPC forward-error correction to provide increased efficiency...

CoreScope Release Announcement

October 29, 2021
Tim Forde
SRS has today released the source code for CoreScope, a test and performance analysis tool for 5G core networks. CoreScope builds upon the open-source srsRAN software suite. The CoreScope application combines 5G gNodeB and UE components to connect directly to a 5G core network and exercise it without the need for a radio interface. Behaving like a UE, CoreScope connects directly to the AMF and UPF via N2 and N3 interfaces to perform a complete network attach and bearer activation...
The Hyperscale Evolution of 5G

The Hyperscale Evolution of 5G

September 29, 2021
Tim Forde
Hyperscalers have significantly ramped up their 5G activity over the past 2 years. However, there’s a particular lack of clarity around the hyperscalers’ ambitions for the Radio Access Network (RAN) itself and how they each intend to integrate RAN functionality into their offerings. Will it be enough to mimic the RANs provided by the current crop of MNOs? Or, will the hyperscalers need to push much, much further if they’re to realise the full scope of potential benefits of marrying the cloud and 5G? In this article, we explore where the hyperscalers might be headed.
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