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July 23, 2019

srsLTE 19.06 Release Announcement

We’re very excited to announce the release of srsLTE 19.06.

While primarily a code refactor and bug-fix release, this version also includes two new srsUE features: QoS and 256QAM support. With QoS support, srsUE can now handle creation of dedicated bearers with associated traffic flow templates. Support for 256QAM now provides up to 200 MBit/s using a 20MHz cell and 2×2 MIMO.

We are especially excited about our new srsLTE project website that we officially launch along with this version. As well as high-level information about the project, the website highlights user success stories, publications featuring srsLTE and installation and user guide links. To go with the new project website, we’ve also put together some fancy new srsLTE-branded gear at spreadshirt.

Another long-awaited item on many people’s wish list was documentation. With this release, we’ve also launched featuring user manuals for srsUE, srsENB and srsEPC. Documentation builds directly from our new srsLTE_docs repo where new issues and pull requests are welcome!

As always, you’ll find srsLTE 19.06 on GitHub along with more detailed change logs.

Happy compiling and enjoy the release.

Paul Sutton

Paul Sutton PhD is one of the directors of Software Radio Systems

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