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SRS will be back at MWC Barcelona next month with our new 5G CU/DU solutions.

January 17, 2023
Tim Forde
We’re looking forward to meeting up again with our partners in the 4G and 5G ecosystems, making new connections and letting you discover how our new 5G CU/DU solutions will help to simplify Open RAN. If you’re interested in hearing about our new 5G CU/DU solutions schedule a meeting with us at mwc23@srs.io. MWC Barcelona runs from February 27 to March 2, 2023.

New architecture. More Possibilities.

March 2, 2022
Tim Forde
SRS is excited to announce our new 5G SA gNodeB architecture. Last year we announced  our O-RAN Alliance membership and signalled our intent to release an open-source O-RAN-compatible 5G SA gNodeB in 2022. To put those plans in motion we’ve carried out a major refresh of our stack architecture. In addition to our usual focus on performance, ease of use and customisation, we’re also enabling ecosystem partners to integrate, test and develop their applications with a performant and customisable O-RAN-compatible...
SRS joins the O-RAN Alliance in preparation for 5G SA

Software Radio Systems joins the O-RAN Alliance to support the open-source RAN ecosystem

November 22, 2021
Tim Forde
Software Radio Systems Limited (SRS) announced today that it has joined the O-RAN Alliance to help drive the development and adoption of open source software for the 5G RAN ecosystem. SRS will release its O-RAN-compatible 5G Standalone (SA) gNodeB in 2022. This open-source solution enables ecosystem partners to integrate, test and develop their applications with a performant and customisable RAN stack. SRS is a long-time proponent of the power of open RAN software. We believe that well-written open software transforms...
The Hyperscale Evolution of 5G

The Hyperscale Evolution of 5G

September 29, 2021
Tim Forde
Hyperscalers have significantly ramped up their 5G activity over the past 2 years. However, there’s a particular lack of clarity around the hyperscalers’ ambitions for the Radio Access Network (RAN) itself and how they each intend to integrate RAN functionality into their offerings. Will it be enough to mimic the RANs provided by the current crop of MNOs? Or, will the hyperscalers need to push much, much further if they’re to realise the full scope of potential benefits of marrying the cloud and 5G? In this article, we explore where the hyperscalers might be headed.
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